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    The “Mirabile” oil in our glass bottle is produced with Tuscan olive varieties,
    leccino, pendolino, frantoiano, moraiolo and maurino, from organic farming, obtained by cold pressing.

    This oil is filtered, a process which does not modify its aroma and taste, on the contrary, it allows a longer preservation.

    After being filtered, the oil has a brighter color.


  • -(17-21)%

    MIRABILE Oil is an unmistakable blend of oil, sourced from Organic Agriculture, obtained by cold pressing olives from Tuscan varieties:

    leccino, pendolino, frantoiano, moraiolo and maurino, cultivated for centuries on the Maremman hills and selected by nature to bring out the most authentic flavours of our magnificent region.

    The production chain, from pruning to bottling, strictly adheres to organic specifications, meticulously followed in order to guarantee the highest organoleptic qualities.